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Used Vehicle Damage Disclosure Form

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Price: $13.95
Item Number: 158
Used Vehicle Damage Disclosure Form rev 03/11, form# 00158
Form #00158 meets the requirement of disclosing used vehicle damage to customers during the sales process.  This an easy to use 2-part carbonless form.
Pack of 25  2-part forms.  AVAILABLE IN EARLY APRIL, 2011
Details on the Used Vehicle Damage Disclosure Form:

The Pennsylvania Attorney Generals regulations require that a dealer not mislead, obscure or misrepresent the quality or grade of a used vehicle to a customer.
In addition, damage involving the following six items are required to be disclosed for any roadworthy vehicle being offered for sale:
1. frame is bent, cracked or twisted;
2. engine block or head is cracked;
3. vehicle is unable to pass state inspection (even if the vehicles inspection sticker is still valid);
4. transmission is damaged, defective or so deteriorated as to require replacement;
5. differential is damaged, defective, or so deteriorated as to require replacement; or
6. vehicle is flood damaged.
The used vehicle damage disclosure form should be as complete as possible and should be initialed by the buyer. A copy should be supplied to the buyer and another copy should be placed in the dealers file.