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Special Program from WURTH for Association Members!

PAA and WurthUSA bring solutions to your Service and Collision business.  Profit building programs, expert training, product solutions, and expense control to grow and maintain your Service and Collision departments.
Call Mark Jewett at PAA for details on this program, 1-800-692-7295 or email
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NEW from Würth!

Tire Repair Program Brochure with TPMS

Back To Work Brochure

Surface Protection Set For Vehicle Interior - 5 Piece Article Number:0899500004

Safety & Protection from Würth!

Surface Protection Set For Vehicle Interior - 5 Piece
Contains one each disposable: seat cover, steering wheel cover, floor mat, gearshift cover and handbrake cover.
Universal measurements adapts to most vehicles interiors. Ideal for use during mechanical repairs, maintenance
or vehicle road tests.  Convenient dispenser package contains 100 kits per box.
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Be Ready For Winter with Würth!

Wurth Sno Buster
Wurth Sno-Buster


Managers cringe at the thought of a snow storm. They lose valuable selling time during and after a storm while vehicles are hidden beneath a blanket of snow. These managers know how important it is to uncover vehicles to meet sales goals.

The Sno-Buster snow broom enables dealerships to clear hundreds of vehicles completely, quickly and without scratching paint or damaging accessories.

Commercial Quality
The molded head is made of industrial grade polyethylene foam that endures harsh conditions and hundreds of vehicle clearings. Sno-Buster is approved for use on -Class A- finishes and received the highest ratings possible from an independent testing lab for non-abrasiveness, freeze resistance and durability. Manufactured with standard threads, Sno-Buster can be used with your current inventory of broom handles or with extension handles for high roofs.

A proven time saverLot crews can work faster and more efficiently because Sno-Buster’s oversized head weighs only 8 ounces. The light weight of the head and handle may avoid costly damage that a heavier tool can cause.


Traction Mat
Traction Mat

Quickly absorbs a wide variety of liquid spills, including water, oil, diesel, gas, coolants, cutting fluids, hydraulic fluids, cooking oil, acetone,
turpentine, vehicle fluids, and more Simple to install! To customize, roll out exact amount of the Traction Mat needed and cut desired length.
Cling technology allows mat to stick to the ground / surface with no gaps, ripples, bunching or buckling.
Great for extended use. Vacuum, sweep or mop the durable top layer
Easily peel back up and reposition as needed
Perfect for areas with heavy foot or vehicle traffic, including fork lifts
ADA compliant for wheelchairs and walkers
50 Foot Roll is ideal for covering large areas
Lightweight design helps to prevent back strain when changing mats

NEW and exciting! SANI-STOP™