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SECURITAG Dealer Plate Control System WM-90

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SECURITAG Dealer Plate Control System WM-90
Price: $1,250.00
Item Number: WM-90
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The best made better!  Our high-quality injection molded unbreakable poycarbonate Securitag WM-90 with it's built-in ability meets the demo plate requirements of a sales force of up to 9 strong. Securitag WM-90 is all you need to successfully manage your demo plates by keeping them readily available in a controlled access, secure environment.

Keys require custom manufacturing and are not included with WM-90; keys available for purchase below.

  • Securitag is a proven, patented demo plate control system.
  • The only system designed and developed specifically to control demo plates.
  • Keeping demo plates visible helps reduce abuse.
  • User friendly, sales force driven system does not require supervision.
  • Works hand in hand with electronic key control systems.
  • Cost-effective method of maintaining control of demo plates.
  • Mutliple WM-90's can handle any size sales force.
  • Demo plates are accessed only by proprietary keys.
  • Compact Securitag WM-90 design only measures: 15"x31.5"x3.5" 
  • Holds 3 Demo plates.

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Securitag WM-90:

A management control system for dealer license plates The Securitag WM-90 was designed as a result of 20 years of providing dealer demo plate security solutions. Designed to meet the demo plate availablility, control and security requirements of modern dealerships, the Securitag WM-90 couples the proven, patented Securitag system with a solid 1/8th inch thick aluminum mounting plate. This new mounting system facilitates and improves installation. Once installed, the WM-90 provides a secure environment, easily meeting the demo plate requirements for as many as 9 sales persons. It is ideal for use in the service department as well as other locations where demo plates are required. Note: WM-90 mounting plates may be used for existing Securitag installations.

The Securitag WM-90 provides a secure convenient location for your demo plates. Each plate is locked behind a clear polycarbonate door, making the plate visible. The high security, AMerican made, tubular key locks which are assembled to our strict specifications can be keyed alike or individually as required by our customers' needs. Each person requiring access to dealer demo plates is provided with a numbered key. These numbered keys are assigned to each person requiring access to the WM-60. We recommend that you take a security deposit from them or actually sell the keys to them. In either case, keep a record of the user's name and their key number. Demo plates are accessed by using the numbered keys. Once the demo plate is accessed and removed from the WM-90, the users' key is trapped by the WM-90 and cannot be removed until the plate is replaced and the door closed. This makes each user accountable at all times as management can immediatley identify the user who has the demo plate. Gives management twenty-four hour control over the use of Dealer Demo Plates.
Securitag will solve the following problems:
  • Reduces liability caused by unreported loss of plates by salespersons.
  • Lowers insurance premiums by reducing the number of plates needed for sales force.
  • Prevents plates from being loaned to persons outside the dealership.
  • Prevents unauthorized use by dealership personnel.
  • Prevents "Curbing" of used cars by salespersons.
  • Prevents lost demo rides due to unavailablility of demo plates.
  • Prevents unauthorized use of vehicles out of dealer stock.
  • Reduces chance of DMV audit caused by continuing loss of dealer plates.
  • Eliminates the need for constant "tag checks".
  • Helps maintain floor control by providing visible indication of demo rides.

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