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PA Secure Power of Attorney (100 Pack) (NEW VERSION 10/18)

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Price: $45.00
Item Number: 00248 (100)

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NEW PA Secure Power of Attorney Forms (rev 10/18) - 100 Pack - $45.00
Price includes shipping and tax.

** Per PennDOT regulations, all Secure POA forms must be shipped to the address
to which each DIN is registered. We apologize for any inconvenience. **

This multi-part form is used by licensed Pennsylvania dealers when a lien payoff is required on a vehicle which is being traded into the dealership, or by an authorized insurance company who is taking title to a vehicle which they have paid off because of a total damage claim. A current, valid DIN (Dealer Identification Number) is required to purchase and use this form; expired DINs cannot be honored.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  New Version of the Secure Power of Attorney Form (rev 10/18)
Recently, PennDOT provided updates to the Secure Power of Attorney (SPOA) form. Dealers can continue using the previous form until supplies are exhausted. PAA’s Dealer Purchasing Service will begin selling the new version this month. Procedures for using and completing the SPOA form have not changed. The most noticeable change to the new SPOA is the number of copies included in the document. Previous editions of the SPOA form contain five (5) carbon copies of the form. In the past, each copy was designated to be provided to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, attached to the certificate of title, the seller, the buyer and the dealer. The new form contains only two (2) copies of the form, a green copy and an orange copy. The distribution of the copies now depends on the sale of the vehicle. If a dealership sells the vehicle:

1. To a Pennsylvania individual or company, PennDOT only needs one of the two (2) copies since the green copy would be attached to the certificate of title. In this case, the dealer would keep the orange copy for themselves and provide the seller and purchaser with photocopies of the SPOA.

2. To another dealership or to an out of state individual or company, the green copy is sent to PennDOT, the orange copy stays with the certificate of title, and the dealer will need to make photocopies for the seller, the purchaser and the dealership.

Secure Power of Attorney forms permit a dealership to sell a vehicle without the title present. SPOA forms are needed by dealers where there is a lien payoff, a lease buyout occurs, or a lost title procedure
is required on a vehicle which is being traded into the dealership. The SPOA form may also be needed when an authorized insurance company is taking title to a vehicle which they have paid-off due to a total damage claim.

Dealers are permitted to use the SPOA to sell used vehicles to out-of -state customers utilizing part B of the SPOA. The used vehicle originally would have been traded in using part A of the SPOA. PA dealers may use part B, of the same SPOA, to sell the vehicle to an out-of state resident. It cannot be used for a payoff of a trade-in with an out-of-state title, the dealer must still wait until the out-of-state title is received from the financial institution. This procedure can only be used for trade-ins for PA titles.

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