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PA Secure Power of Attorney (100 Pack)

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Price: $55.00
Item Number: 00248 (100)

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PA Secure Power of Attorney Forms - 100 Pack - $55.00
Price includes shipping and tax.

** Per PennDOT regulations, all Secure POA forms must be shipped to the address
to which each DIN is registered. We apologize for any inconvenience. **

This multi-part form is used by licensed Pennsylvania dealers when a lien payoff is required on a vehicle which is being traded into the dealership, or by an authorized insurance company who is taking title to a vehicle which they have paid off because of a total damage claim. A current, valid DIN (Dealer Identification Number) is required to purchase and use this form; expired DINs cannot be honored.

Effective December 24, 2012, dealers are permitted to use the SPOA to sell used vehicles to out-of -state customers utilizing part B of the SPOA.  The used vehicle originally would have been traded in using part A of the SPOA, as the procedures are currently being handled now.  The new law allows for PA dealers to use part B, of the same SPOA, to sell the vehicle to an out-of-state resident.  It cannot be used for a payoff of an out-of-state title, the dealer must still wait until the out-of-state title is received from the financial institution.  This procedure can only be used for PA titles.

Also, effective December 24, 2012 dealers will be permitted to use the SPOA to sell a new vehicle when the MSO is not present at the time of sale.  The following procedures are required for selling a vehicle without the MSO:

  1. The vehicle description at the top of the SPOA will need completed.
  2. Section A of the SPOA will be left blank.
  3. Section B of the SPOA will be completed in full showing the assignment of ownership to the new purchaser.
  4. Section C of the SPOA and the assignment of vehicle ownership on the reverse side of the MSO will be completed once the MSO is received.
  5. The MV-1 will be completed in the same manner as the form is completed today.
  6. Lien verifications will not be required for this transaction. 

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