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Replacement Floor Slope Laser Assembly for Symtech Headlight Aimers

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Price: $59.95
Item Number: 00423

Replacement Floor Slope Laser Assembly for Symtech Headlight Aimer
For these specific Models only # LCA 2 EZ / CVA 3 EZ /BCA 4 / SCA 1

Instructions for use:
The floor slope laser assembly is factory calibrated, DO NOT turn the level adjustment set screw which is at the back of laser assembly.  The laser is used for floor slope measurement only. Remove laser after floor slope measurements have been recorded. Remove floor slope laser from packaging and insert front fixture placement pin into hole on top and at rear of the optical head, also there is an indentation provided for the height adjustment screw to rest within.  Activate the laser by turning front knob clockwise (CAUTION: Excessive turning may damage laser ON/OFF mechanism) to assure of functionality, turn off laser. No further adjustment is required.  NOTE: Should calibration of the laser become necessary in the future, Refer to LASER CALIBRATION in the user manual.