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Plate Saver - Trailer Plate Mount

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Price: From $12.95 to $320.00



Plate Saver PL8-1  "Made in Pennsylvania"

Plate Saver® lighted license plate mounting bracket, patent-pending allows a license plate to be mounted above the standard trailer tail light or mounted on a trailer's rear gate.

Trailers typically have a steel, plastic or rubber license plate mount that attaches below the tail light. This design allows for the plate to be illuminated by the tail light via a clear plastic lens on the bottom of the tail light. This method often limits the clearance of the trailer and causes the license plate damage or even loss due to contact with road or obstacles when manuvering the trailer.

Incorrect mounting of the license plate occurs when the trailer owner moves the plate to a location above the tail light or rear of the trailer to protect the plate from clearance issues, but fails to illuminate the plate. Federal regulations state that a license plate needs to be illuminated by a white light. Our Plate Saver® lighted license plate mounting bracket, patent-pending is the solution to the trailer owner who wishes to prevent damage and loss of their trailer license plate by providing a mount that allows more clearance, flexibility with the mounting location and an illuminated plate that stay within federal regulations.
Gate Mount Accessory Kit also available for trailers with Drop Gate in the Rear.