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FogIt A-200PRO Kit

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FogIt Odor Removal Product A-200PRO Kit

The FogIt™ A-200PRO Kit includes everything you need to quickly ATTACK and DESTROY odor-causing molecules in an irreversible chemical reaction that rids cars of odors, simply and effectively. The only detailing product for odor elimination. The FogIt™ odor elimination product was developed in the early 2000’s by Dr. Darin O’Brien, who holds a Doctorate in Bio Chemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics. After experiencing the shortcomings of other so-called auto odor elimination products on the market, Dr. O’Brien set out to develop a new approach to a detailing product for odor elimination that is specifically designed and optimized for treating automobiles during the detailing process. The result is the most effective and efficient, industrial strength, odor-eliminating kit for treating the toughest automotive odors: the A-200PRO kit.

The FogIt™ A-200PRO Kit is the ideal detailing product for odor elimination for professional detailers and automotive dealers. Dr. O’Brien’s unique formula uses a chemical reaction to create a “fog” inside vehicles that attacks and destroys offending odors. What makes the FogIt™ A-200PRO Kit unique is that it is not a masking agent. Our product does not “cover up” the odors with other scents or smells—you won’t find “Spring Air” or other scents to choose from. FogIt™ simply treats the source of the odor in vehicles and permanently removes the cause…“FogIt and Forget It!”

The FogIt™ A-200PRO Kit is easy to use, works quickly, and is permanent.
Simple-to-use: 5-10 minutes of “hands-on” time minimizes labor cost of treating vehicles
Fast-acting: 1 hour treatment time
Industrial-strength: Tackles the most problematic odors, including cigarette smoke
Permanent: Odor-causing molecules are DESTROYED upon contact with the reagent
Greatly reduces time in detail shop
Decreases inventory turnover time
Increases sales price of vehicles & guarantees return on investment
We know that the FogIt™ A-200PRO Kit is the STRONGEST, FASTEST, and MOST EFFECTIVE odor removal product developed for the automotive market.


  • 4-PACK
  • 12-PACK
  • 24-PACK (Case)
  • 48-PACK (2 Cases)

For manufacturer information, visit:
For a FAQ, and to download instructions, visit



DANGER: You MUST read all of the instructions and follow them carefully to ensure the safe and effective use of this kit. This kit creates Chlorine Dioxide gas which is a strong oxidizer and irritant to the eyes, throat and lungs. Failure to follow the instructions can result in serious injury or even death.

* Please view our brief instructional video at prior to use.

* Please call Customer Service Toll Free at 877-207-1105 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Standard Time if you have any questions regarding the use of this kit.

TOTAL TIME REQUIRED: 1 hour and 10 minutes


  • Instructions
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • Tin Reaction Container with Lid
  • Two deodorizing tablets packaged in an air-tight plastic pouch inside a protective foil pouch. NOTE: Do NOT open until ready to use.
  • Two Window Warning Signs (to be attached to the driver and passenger side windows of the vehicle being treated)


  • Safety goggles
  • Rubber gloves
  • Scissors
  • 12 ounces of tap water at room temperature. Note that this volume of water will be more than enough water to reach the water fill line on the inside wall of the tin. Failure to add enough water may result in significant splattering of the product and may result in bleaching of fabrics.


1) Park your vehicle OUTSIDE in a shaded location to avoid direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause the tabs to rapidly gas and splatter inside the vehicle.

2) Open the kit and throw away the lid (you do not need the lid and you should NOT use it again). Remove Warning signs from the tin container and attach the warning signs to the driver and passenger side windows so they are clearly readable from outside the vehicle.

3) The A-200PRO gas works by CONTACTING odor-causing molecules, so it’s critical to expose as many surfaces as possible. Start by leaning your floor mats against your doors to expose front and back of the mats. Plug in all seat belts and pull down visors. Also, be sure all windows are completely closed. Close all doors except the one that you will be using to put the A-200PRO™ kit inside the vehicle.

4) Turn on your vehicle and adjust the heat or air conditioning so that the temperature is between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit inside the vehicle. Note that it may take several minutes to achieve temperature. You MUST also set the air to RECIRCULATE and to the floor if possible. Recirculating the air allows the A-200PRO™ kit to treat your cabin filter and vents. FAILURE TO SET THE AIR TO RECIRCULATE will result in the A-200PRO ™ gas being prematurely vented to the outside and limit the effectiveness of the treatment.


1) Next, while wearing protective rubber gloves, use scissors to cut the top of the foil pouch. Remove the inner plastic pouch containing the deodorizing tablets. Use the scissors to cut the plastic pouch. Remove the two tablets from the plastic pouch and place them flat and side by side in the bottom of the tin reaction container. Place the tin container on the floor where the air is blowing on RECIRCULATE. Do not set the tin container anywhere else in the vehicle but on the floor. Position the tin so that you can easily see the water fill line on the inside of the tin.

2) You are now ready to activate the A-200PRO ™ tablets lying inside the tin. Put on your safety glasses and quickly add enough water to reach the fill line on the inside of the tin. IMMEDIATELY EXIT THE VEHICLE AND SHUT THE DOOR. A-200PRO ™ starts to create Chlorine Dioxide gas immediately. Note that the gas is very difficult to see, even at very high concentrations that are created during the treatment process. So do not open the car door to check for gas. Doing so will unnecessarily expose you to the gas and limit the effectiveness of the treatment. DO NOT ENTER THE VEHICLE FOR ANY REASON AFTER THE WATER HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE CONTAINER.

3) Allow the A-200PRO ™ kit to work for 50 minutes inside the vehicle. Either lock the doors or stay with your vehicle so that no one can accidently enter the vehicle. After 50 minutes has passed, open all 4 doors and allow the vehicle to air out for 1 minute. You may then carefully pick up the A-200PRO ™ tin container and dispose of the liquid safely. Avoid breathing the residual liquid and gas in the tin container. Dispose of the liquid by turning on the water in your kitchen sink and pouring the liquid down the drain. Thoroughly rinse the tin container and dispose of it in an outside trash can.

4) It is now safe to return to your vehicle. You will notice the scent of chlorine in your vehicle. This scent is normal and will dissipate in a day or so. You can speed up this process by leaving your windows down and parking your car in the sun for a few hours right after treating your vehicle.

2. THIS PRODUCT CAN BE HARMFUL TO YOUR HEALTH. Avoid coming into contact with the tablets. Avoid breathing the gas produced during the process.
4. Always wear protective rubber gloves when opening the tablet packaging.
5. When treating a vehicle, lock all doors to prevent entry into the vehicle during the process.
6. Do not enter the vehicle during the process. Always open doors for 1 minute before removing the tin reaction container.
7. Do not smell the tin reaction container when removing from the vehicle and always wear rubber gloves.
8. Do not open foil and plastic pouches until ready to use. Use immediately after opening.
9. All carpets and upholstery MUST be dry before treating the vehicle. Moisture in the carpets and upholstery may cause bleaching to occur.
10. For severe tobacco smells, repeated treatments may be required.
11. Avoid spilling. The residual liquid may cause bleaching of carpets and upholstery.
12. The liquid remaining inside the tin reaction container can be diluted and poured down the drain. NOTE: Wear rubber gloves and do not smell the residual liquid in the tin.

EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION: For 24 hour emergency information, call Chemtrec at 1-800-424-9300.